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Andrea Hearn


“I’ve been reading Tarot professionally now since 2006.


I started out aiming for a career in Social Work, life and family raising intervened and I didn’t revisit my original dreams until the mid 1990’s, when I undertook several periods of training in differing counselling therapies including several years of in-depth personal work in Jungian psychology.  I worked as a counsellor for 10 years before discovering the Tarot.


I realised how well the Tarot was able to uncover “not conscious” aspects of the psyche which, when brought to conscious awareness, could heal old wounds, give clear direction, outline the path a person was following, and what the consequences of following that particular path may be for the individual.  


I love the way the Tarot is able to behave like a “third person” in room with myself and my client.  It has the uncanny knack of being able to very accurately assess a situation, and bring to consciousness what my clients need to know ... and what next steps are necessary for their wellbeing.“

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